The brief variation: When Matchmaker Inga Verbeeck started Ivy Foreign, she was clear about the woman operating approach: to remain genuine to her perception as to what she phone calls «trickle-down-lov-o-nomics» as a way of adding to a happier globe. Inga told you when profitable, influential individuals come across fulfillment within relationships it trickles into every aspect of their particular life and in to the schedules of those around them. And her lineup of customers worth huge amount of money and 16 offices worldwide are proof the woman tailored, psychology-based way of matchmaking really works. At Ivy Foreign, Inga and her team tend to be helping the world’s high-net-worth singles relate to lovers who display their lifestyles and aspirations.


Ivy Global creator and President Inga Verbeeck provides devoted her life to both the company and secret of assisting influential specialists look for really love. Since 2011, this trained matchmaker and business owner gave above 300 partners the keys to unlock satisfying, romance-filled futures together.

«I think when we can bring a lot more glee to prospects — especially to high-net-worth folks who are important and have power — then hopefully we are able to change lives,» Inga mentioned.

Her comprehension of the whole world and desire for helping other people happens to be key to the woman long-lasting success. Inga’s very early act as a yachting journalist and professional photographer permitted the lady to report from around the world — a learning knowledge that will inform the girl later work as a business owner and company guide.

With a master’s degree in finance and experience with journalism, she became President of a leading intercontinental metal trading business at 30. After 13 decades during the metal business, Inga chose to follow matchmaking because, everywhere she seemed, she noticed a lot of people shared a desire to obtain long lasting really love.

As an effective business woman, Inga has also been able to bring the woman distinctive perspective on gender parts from inside the professional world into her use successful singles.

«Although we have now evolved towards becoming more equivalent, there clearly was however plenty of try to be performed towards genuine gender equivalence,» she said. «Because of the entire feminist movement, plenty of men are perplexed. They’re not certain what ladies want.»

Inga informed you it really is Ivy Foreign’s goal to aid connection this type of holes in understanding and produce opportunities of an eternity for contemporary singles. Inga along with her staff are determined to give the very best of price for customers. With an all-natural power to read and fit people, this woman is dedicated to providing the woman users with a world-class knowledge that’s sure to provide permanent results. And it all starts with a strategy that places consumers in charge of their particular destinies.

Customized account Packages Capture customers› Goals

When you join Ivy Overseas, you happen to be more than simply a number. Inga and her team go above and beyond to produce a lasting effect and a one-of-a-kind experience through mentoring made to guide, inspire, and, oftentimes, test consumers to move ahead.

«every little thing we carry out is private, distinct and accomplished together with the highest amount of reliability,» Inga mentioned.

Membership charges start from 15,000 euros for a typical Membership. Executive and superior Membership rates and details are talked about with consumers just after a one-on-one conference because of the customized nature of these packages. But whichever course clients get, they’re able to rest easy their own efforts are likely to be productive. Ivy Global’s rate of success consistently increase, with a 92per cent of male consumers finding lovers in the 1st year.

«Yes, the audience is matchmakers, but true success in matchmaking is approximately allowing a lot more than that,» Inga stated. «any such thing from goal setting techniques and existence mentoring to design and dating etiquette programs — there’s a substantial solution menu that can be transparently designed to each individual’s needs.»

Ivy Overseas clients range between 23 to 82 yrs . old and are usually dependent generally in Europe, the united states plus the Middle Eastern Countries. Nearly all Ivy consumers fall in the age group of 35 to 55; however, the organization has actually particular products for promising children plus silver singles (or those complete 65). Inga informed you membership and client diversity is the reason why Ivy Foreign stick out.

«There is an incredibly worldwide and diverse clientele with big group getting business owners and C-level management, and creative people such professional photographers, artisans, performers, plus,» she said.

A Heart-Centered Magazine That Hones in regarding admiration as a Lifestyle

For Inga along with her group, matchmaking is over a rigid formula — it is a lifestyle that captures the skill of love. And absolutely nothing aids that more than Ivy mag.

As part of an upcoming relaunch, Inga informed us she is turning the web magazine into a far more blog-based structure and additionally be posting print versions every six months. Inga mentioned the mag encourages discernment helping create a communication program where in actuality the group can discuss knowledge, inspire other people, and supply insights in to the matchmaking career.

«the service is highly bespoke, private and distinct, and also in all of our journal you may clearly not discover any details about all of our people,» Inga stated. «Just the Inspirations area is actually viewable of the wide public even as we set out to distribute the phrase about matchmaking and place an-end to the taboos men and women might associate with it.»

Through Ivy mag, Inga is actually dedicated to sharing ideas, ideas, and knowledge about everything love, food, and existence.

Inga informed you the print mag will take care of comparable subjects just like the online magazine however with a much bigger focus on love and connections.

«We will never be undertaking travel guidelines and things like that but greater, more detailed content, such as collaborations and interviews,» she said. «All of it will focus on really love just like the adhesive as well as the usual topic.»

Folks are speaing frankly about the Team’s victory & Accountability

Out of all of the woman specialist achievements, Inga stated this woman is acutely proud of having discovered the enthusiastic and competent staff on the Ivy Global group. Folks have undoubtedly used see and also have reach depend on the team for make it possible to find a fantastic companion with discussed values, an equivalent way of life, as well as perhaps a like-minded viewpoint. Most of all, Ivy team members guarantee clients the most suitable partner really is available to choose from.

«Our team is key,» Inga said. «It’s probably the thing I’m most pleased with: assembling a distinctive team of men and women who happen to be the heart of Ivy.»

Inga informed all of us her staff is quite diverse and come from a myriad of social experiences — with 11 different nationalities on board. And, though the group may hail from different places world wide, Inga said there is considerably a household feeling present at Ivy Overseas.

«The firm tradition within Ivy is much like children,» she stated. «We cook meals with each other, we practice pilates collectively, and also quarterly team-building and services in several countries.»

Inga and her staff have been generally covered for the press to be believed frontrunners regarding discovering brand-new solutions to high-end matchmaking. Inga has been featured on a number of intercontinental development shops and this team’s successes confirm repeatedly that those exactly who shine be seen.

«every one folks is passionate and powered by our very own businesses purpose and approach,» Inga said. «I do believe in motivational management and enabling each team user to grow on their possible. I do believe we developed a rather nurturing planet that is particularly important in our business while we have to empower our consumers constantly and push all of them toward success.»

Next for Ivy Overseas: Rebranding & growing solutions Globally

Inga just isn’t one to sleep on the laurels. She actually is continuously trying push the envelope of her very own success by continuing to rebrand and develop. Ivy are completely re-launching its brand and website in 2018.

«It’s fairly interesting because it’s that which we’ve already been focusing on for the past couple of years,» Inga mentioned. «We discovered that the matchmaking sector certainly required an alteration. That’s the reason our company is interrupting and genuinely re-inventing it.»

In the meantime, Inga can leading the business because it takes its headhunting knowledge one step further. Ivy International intentions to invest in worldwide, trendy, and inspiring advertisments, which are communicated through different channels for single reason for producing a world of chance for those that require or want to buy. Getting a preview with the types of tactics which happen to be becoming developed, see Inga’s goal is continue to improve Ivy’s reputation as a truly unique, unique solution company.

«creating a positive change inside the everyday lives of our own clients indicates globally to united states, and it’s really what makes every team user begin every day with a smile,» she stated. «All of our clients› trips with our company broadens their particular horizon and gives options that willn’t occur in the normal course of existence.»

With the brand-new tagline, «Ama Tempus Tuum» — therefore «Love Your Time» — Inga along with her group aspire to motivate men and women to be hands-on about their love everyday lives.

«every day life is too short to simply wait and anticipate the opportunity to pop up,» Inga stated. «your own time is one of important commodity, therefore we must spend it sensibly. Understanding existence and riches without really love? We all have the will to share with you life and all of our happy moments with someone we like. It certainly helps make the ride of life valuable!»

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